Why You Should Aerate Your Lawns

Almost all lawns will benefit from aeration, and some lawns demand it. Green Seasons Lawns provides a lawn aeration service for those who want professional help in Northland Kansas. Here’s why, when, and how you should aerate your lawn(s).

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Signs You Need Lawn Aeration

  • Your soil is hard
  • Your lawn dries out easily
  • Water forms puddles instead of being absorbed by the soil
  • Your grass is losing its green color
  • Your lawn is developing diseases such as a brown patch
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When You Should Aerate

Kansas is centrally located where both warm and cool season types of grass grow. Warm-season grasses grow better in the summer, while cool-season grasses grow best in spring and fall. To get more information on when you should aerate your lawn, contact Green Seasons Lawns.

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Steps To Aerate Your Lawn

  1. Mow your lawn
  2. Water your lawn
  3. Mark sprinkler heads and underground pipes
  4. Aerate the lawn using either a manual or automatic aerator
  5. Leave soil plugs on your lawn
  6. Fertilize
  7. Seed your lawn

If you prefer not to do it yourself, Green Seasons Lawns provides lawn aeration services to ensure a professional experience and keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

There are many benefits of aerating your lawn. Lawn aeration will invigorate roots and stimulate new growth, reduce soil compaction and accumulation, enhance soil and water uptake, and smooth out bumpy lawns. Aeration is a great way to ensure a healthy, beautiful lawn.

In addition to lawn aeration, our full-service lawn care at Green Seasons Lawns provides fertilization and weed control, and grub and insect prevention. Our mission is to give you a healthy lawn you can be proud of in Northland Kansas City. To receive our full-service lawn care, contact us today!