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Green Seasons is a full-service lawn care company dedicated to providing clients with the best landscape services possible. Our passion for creating gorgeous lawns is only matched by our efforts to create a healthy and enjoyable work environment. From management down, our team cultivates a supportive environment for both professional and personal growth. When you join our team, you get access to a range of benefits and a low-stress work environment with ample room for career growth.

If you're an enthusiastic individual willing to work hard and be a team player, we'd love to have you on our team. You don't need experience to start here. Our experts will provide on-the-job training to help you learn the proper techniques and gain the knowledge to perform your work. As you grow with our company, you'll have the opportunity to continue your training, gain new licensing, and advance your green industry career.
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3 Reasons the Best Lawn Care Jobs are with Green Seasons

When you ask Green Seasons employees how their current job is different from previous positions, the answer comes quickly. "It's ownership, plain and simple." Company owner, Clint Baxter, puts a ton of effort into making his entire staff feel like family. Lawn care is hard work, but working at Green Seasons is fun and rewarding.

These are just a few of the reasons employees love working for Green Seasons.

Family First Culture

Employees at Green Seasons aren't just another number; they're members of the family. Leadership cares for its employees and generates a culture of support where employees help each other out with a helping hand or a kind word whenever it's needed. Employees are people first, and at Green Seasons, they're treated as such. Management is flexible about providing time off, especially when it's for a family-related event. Employees enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and thoughtful perks like free snacks and drinks.

Competitive Wages & Benefits

Employees deserve appreciation for their hard work. At Green Seasons, we strive to provide a range of benefits that match or exceed those provided by other companies in the area. Competitive pay rates are accompanied by commissions and bonuses. Employees are eligible for health insurance (including vision and dental) after 90 days of employment, and paid holidays, PTO, and sick days after a year. Free drinks, snacks, and lunches are periodically provided as added perks of the job.

On the Job Training & Career Advancement Opportunities

It might not be a common expectation from lawn care companies, but you don't need to be experienced to start at Green Seasons. Our team of experts will work with you to help you gain the knowledge you need and train you on the proper techniques to perform your work. As you grow in your position, we pay for training and licensing to ensure all of our employees have the best education possible.

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Get More Value with an Extensive Array of Employee Benefits

When you work at Green Seasons, you become part of an enthusiastic, supportive team that makes work days more enjoyable. You can also count on ample compensation for your efforts. Positions at Green Seasons come with access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Crabgrass preventer in March - April

  • Uniforms are provided

  • Commissions for sales and service positions

  • Yearly bonuses for applicators and net revenue percentage bonuses for office staff

  • Health insurance, including vision and dental, after 90 days of employment

  • Retirement plans after one year of employment

  • Paid holidays, PTO, and sick days after a year of employment

  • Free lunches, snacks, and drinks provided periodically

  • On-the-job training and continued education and licensing at no cost to you

  • Internal promotion opportunities for employees as our company grows


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Get to Know the Boss

Clint and family

"Clint is a great example of how a boss should act and treat his employees, and I think more bosses should follow in his footsteps."

You may be surprised to hear that comments like these aren't uncommon when it comes to Clint Baxter's leadership style. Clint grew up on a farm and has spent his entire career in the green industry. He took over Green Seasons in 2010 with a mission to continue the same outstanding services provided by the original owner. His dedication to quality lawn care and eagerness to grow quickly doubled the company's customer base and introduced new employees to the Green Seasons team. After the acquisition of Lawn & Order and the chemical division Double Eagle Professional Turf Management grew the company even further, the customer base has continued to expand to over 2,000 lawns.

Clint's drive to succeed doesn't stop him from getting his hands dirty on the job or treating his employees with friendliness and respect. His dedication to his customers drives him to invest in a quality work environment and competitive benefits for employees. Perks like bonuses and commissions on top of competitive wages and free lunches just go to show how dedicated Clint is to continually looking after his employees in every way possible.

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When you work with a group of men and women who all have the same goals for continuous improvement to better serve customers and improve local landscapes, the energy is contagious. Employees grow in their roles and do more for the community each year by providing outstanding services for residential and commercial properties. If you're looking for a relaxed, professional atmosphere that supports your career growth and makes work enjoyable, apply for a position at Green Seasons today. Check out our available lawn care jobs and submit your application today.