Lawn Care Services in Parkville Missouri

In Parkville, Missouri, the weather can put your lawn through a lot. Whether it’s the heat of summer or the cold, harsh weather of winter, your grass might need a little help with preventing brown spots and more. At Green Seasons Lawn and Tree Services, we’re here to provide that help! Learn more about our Parkville lawn care services.


Fertilization & Weed Control

When it comes to lush, healthy yards and lawns, our Parkville lawn fertilization team is the top choice. Our team works throughout the year to provide your lawn with the nutrients and fertilizer it needs to grow beautifully, and we also make sure to get rid of weeds while we work!

Grub & Insect Prevention

Parkville homeowners know that grubs and insects can ruin the lawn you’ve worked so hard to grow. That’s why our lawn care services will clear your lawn of any of these unwanted critters and will provide preventative treatments to ensure they don’t come back between our visits. 

icon of a woman spraying plants
person using an aeration tool

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn is a key step to ensuring healthy roots that get enough oxygen to grow a lush, green lawn. Our Parkville lawn care team performs aerations in spring and fall to ensure your lawn stays healthy throughout the year. 

Full-Service Treatment Plan in Parkville

In our town, it’s important to keep up with lawn care throughout the year to ensure a healthy, green lawn no matter the season. That’s why our full-service treatment plan consists of six steps spread out throughout the year to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our services! 

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In Parkville, Missouri, we know that homeowners want healthy, beautiful lawns and yards, but life can get busy!

That’s why we offer full-service lawn care and Parkville tree and shrub services, as well! Learn more about our services online and get started with a free estimate today!