Lawn Care Services In Liberty, Missouri

As a homeowner in Liberty, Missouri, you want to be sure that your home and property look their best at all times. While the heat of summer beats down and the weather may make it more difficult to grow a lush, green lawn, you don’t have to worry about brown spots or dry grass, we can help! Our full-service lawn care program is designed to give you a healthy, thick lawn all season long. 

Fertilization & Weed Control

Growing beautifully green, lush grass all year long doesn’t have to mean a lot of work for you. Instead, the Liberty lawn fertilization team will help to ensure healthy nutrients get into the soil while also pulling any unwanted weeds or grasses that may compromise the look and longevity of your yard.

Fertilizer spreader
Lawn aerator

Lawn Aeration

Did you know that lawns need to breathe, too? When the weather starts to change with the seasons, the beginnings of spring and fall may create soil that’s too compact to allow oxygen to reach the roots of your grass. The Liberty lawn care services team from Green Seasons can help by aerating your lawn to ensure healthy, strong roots and grass!

Grub & Insect Prevention

Residents of Liberty don’t want to deal with grubs and insect infesting their lawns, and that’s why our Liberty lawn care team is here to help. We’ll make sure your lawn is cleared and ready to grow, while also providing a preventative treatment to ensure they don’t come back in between our visits. 

Sun on the lawn
Lawn mower

Full-Service Treatment Plan in Liberty

If you’re looking for a full-service program that includes Liberty tree and shrub services, Green Seasons is your top choice! We offer a six-step lawn care plan that’s spread out throughout the year to keep your lawn lush and healthy no matter what season it is!

Our team is made up of highly-trained and experienced lawn care professionals and we’re dedicated to providing high-quality Liberty lawn care services for beautiful yards in our town. Learn more about our services online today and get started with a free estimate!