Lawn Care Services in Smithville Missouri

Your lawn requires a lot of work to keep it lush, green, and free of pesky insects. With every season, comes new challenges. Luckily for you, the experts at Green Seasons Lawn & Tree have over 40 years of experience keeping lawns healthy throughout Kansas City. We have the expertise you need for your Smithville lawn to become the best yard for outdoor BBQs, family football games, and even a glorious space for your furry friends! If you need lawn care services in Smithville, look no further!

Green Seasons Lawn & Tree understands the importance of a seasonal lawn care routine to boost your lawn’s potential for year-round enjoyment. Our six-step service includes a variety of lawn care needs from fertilization to even grub and insect control.

Tree & Shrub Services

At Green Seasons Lawn & Tree we understand that trees and shrubs play an important role in the overall health and curb appeal of your lawn. Trees and shrubs not only provide you with beauty and shade but also help keep the soil from eroding. If you want healthy, beautiful trees and shrubs without the constant worry, Green Seasons Lawn & Tree provides a full-service tree and shrub program to keep your Smithville vegetation growing strong and hardy. We do it all from ensuring your trees and shrubs are receiving the proper nutrients throughout the unpredictable Missouri seasons to insect and fungus control.

fertilizing lawn

Lawn Fertilization Treatments 

Contrary to popular belief, your Smithville lawn needs more care than just sun and the occasional rain. At Green Seasons Lawn & Tree we offer lawn fertilization and weed control services to enhance your grass into greener, thicker, deeper-rooted grass that is guaranteed to withstand the Missouri weather.

Grub & Insect Prevention

After all the fertilization, aerating, and weed control, it would be a shame to have your Smithville lawn fall victim to armyworms or grubs. Not only does grub and insect prevention boost the health of your lawn, but it prevents the growth of weeds and disease, making your Smithville lawn more enjoyable throughout the year.

Lawn Care You Can Trust

Lawn care service is more than just making your lawn green. At Green Seasons Lawn & Tree we offer full-service lawn care to Smithville and the surrounding Kansas City area to improve the total health of your lawn. From weed control to aerating services, and even tree and shrub care, Green Seasons Lawn & Tree are the Missouri lawn care experts you can trust. Replanting grass or cutting down trees due to disease can be very costly. Stay one step ahead of the Missouri weather. We offer year-round lawn care services in Smithville to ensure your lawn, trees, and shrubs have the nutrients and care they need no matter the season.