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Having a lush, green, and healthy lawn is a source of pride for many Missouri homeowners, but it’s also an important possession to maintain for the long-term value of your property. Through the changing seasons, it can be challenging to keep your grass looking beautiful, especially when lawn diseases strike. Green Seasons Lawns is the lawn care business in Missouri you can rust to prevent these diseases from spreading quickly and causing irreversible damage to your lawn.

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Signs of Lawn Disease in Missouri

Lawn diseases are often caused by harmful fungi, bacteria, or viruses that can destroy the blades of grass, cause discoloration, and create unsightly dead spots on your lawn. These diseases can be caused by a combination of environmental and man-made factors, including improper soil drainage, frequent watering, or even adverse weather conditions.

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Each disease has its unique symptoms and management strategies, requiring proper diagnosis and lawn treatment services to restore the grass to its healthy state. Green Seasons Lawns can help manage and reverse the symptoms of:

Brown Patch

Characterized by large spots of dead, shrunken, brown grass caused by a fungal infection.


Yellow spots developing on blades of grass that can cause thinning and other problems


Sections of darkened, withering grass that tend to look greasy, causing the roots to rot and turn brown. This lawn disease may also cause white fluff to appear.

Red Thread

When the tips of grass blades start to turn red or pink.

Summer Patch

Irregular sections of dying, light-brown grass next to healthy grass, often found in circles.

And Others!

Long-Term Effects of Lawn Disease in Missouri

Lawn diseases can be devastating for homeowners, causing discolored, withered, or dead patches on the lawn. These blemishes can compromise the overall look and feel of your Missouri yard while also making it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. Letting your lawn fester without the right lawn maintenance services can cause it to weaken, making it vulnerable to invasive weeds and pests. If left untreated, lawn diseases have the potential to spread aggressively and cause damage to an entire yard, making treatments ultimately more expensive.

That's why it's essential to seek prompt Green Seasons Lawns services to protect your grass and keep it healthy year-round.

The Lawn Disease Treatment Process

When it comes to residential lawn treatment services, it's best to consult with a Missouri professional who can accurately identify the specific disease and recommend the appropriate treatment methods.

One of our Green Seasons Lawns staff members will begin by examining the affected area and assessing the severity of the disease. Depending on the specific disease and its severity, the treatment options available can vary. We may recommend adjusting the watering and fertilization schedule, removing diseased grass, applying a fungicide, or using cultural practices, such as aerating the lawn to improve air circulation.

Our lawn care business team will also provide guidance on how to prevent the disease from spreading to other areas of the lawn. By working with us and taking proactive measures, you can effectively treat and prevent future lawn diseases, ensuring a healthy and vibrant lawn.

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Lawn Disease Control for Missouri Homeowners

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